Our Mission

We will start by identifying clearly what you want from our work together. Once we have that clarity we have a powerful agenda for all that we do. I always say "aim high" because my experience is that we do manifest what you determine as your Heart's desire.


We work with a high degree of commitment and flexibility. We create the structure that will get you the results you want and which aligns with the demands of your schedule. There is a quality of ease that I have found to be available when we commit 100%, such that results can be produced more rapidly and with greater ease than previously experienced.


It would be wonderful to explain what it is we will do and how we will do it. The truth is, it will be far more effective for you to experience what we will do.

Our initial conversation will be a dynamic and in depth coaching experience which will be valuable in itself and give a clear answer to the question "can Sam help me?". From there we can both make a clear choice: is this is a powerful coaching relationship we want to continue ? My commitment is to deliver truly extraordinary, mutually rewarding coaching in both your initial conversation with me and any further work we do together.

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Latest Testimonials:

After just one session with Sam a weight lifted from me and I could sense a renewed purpose was possible. Over the ensuing weeks Sam gently kept me on that path - allowing me to look at absolutely every fear and potential pitfall along the way. He shows up, supports and feeds back, but at no time does he emit any pressure. Sam allowed me to feel safe enough to unravel all the options and be shown obstacles, including the ones I was creating.

His business acumen was also vital when it came to the logistical details (of my business). I am a woman running a business in an unusual industry, in a fairly unusual way - Sam got me straight away.

The clarity he has helped me to achieve is sublime. I found out today that after months of persistence I achieved my once seemingly out of reach goal for the business I started 6 years ago. I am excited, rather than scared, by the further potential of my company. Working with Sam has been one of the most valuable investments I have ever made. 

Louise Wakefield, March 2016, Founder / Owner ‘Beware the Moon


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