About Sam

Avid student of personal development and self awareness for 20 years, completing numerous advanced courses in the field and most recently a Masters Class in personal transformation with an emphasis on coaching.

Co-founder of Beluga Bean, an in-person and online coaching academy for women that offers courses in business and life skills.

Corporate training facilitator with Thrive Global, Arianna Huffington's mission to promote real and sustained wellbeing for individuals and organisation.

Served as City Director for Insight Seminars in the UK, producing personal development seminars.

Fulfilled lifetime vocation as a successful professional sculptor, creating 100's of bronze works for private clients, businesses and organisations, including top UK art collectors.

Co-founded The Young Masters Initiative programme which ran at Saatchi Gallery for two years, a much praised transformational education programme for teenagers.

Loving husband and a father of two highly energetic boys.

An ordained minister since 2003.

Passions include trail running, exploring the reality of limitless human potential, attending retreats, loving family, pretty much all of the coast of California, and assisting others in life changing expansion and positive transformation.

Lives and runs in the beautiful countryside of Wiltshire, UK.


Latest Testimonials:

I have always been determined and ambitious, achieving some great successes in my career, but I had never stopped to acknowledge that success or realise the potential of my skills until working with Sam.

The series of exercises he put me through challenged what I thought I wanted and focused me enough to recognise new opportunities when they presented themselves.  Therefore, when I was approached about my current role, I didn’t hesitate to accept and I have never looked back.  

Jo Glynn-Smith, January 2017, VP of Marketing, PANDORA Jewellery UK